Beware the Gaming Hype Train

E3 is right around the corner, so be prepared to start hearing the phrases “grain of salt” and “temper expectations” around every corner. Leaks will become abundant; bringing with them waves of uncontrollable hype leading up to the expo. Some of them may turn out to be true while others could turn out to be a big, disappointing pile of nothing.

The seemingly biggest perpetrator of these hype trains has to be Nintendo. Part of this is because Nintendo’s announcements don’t revolve around E3. They run their Nintendo Direct digital events several times throughout the year to announce games and give updates on previously released and announced games. This opens up speculation all year long of when the next one will take place. The only constant is their E3 Direct.

Nintendo is always fairly tight-lipped when it comes to their work; not much of what they do makes it the public before they intend it to. It’s pretty admirable actually, considering the frequency of leaks that come from other companies.

Because of the secrecy, everyone wants to be the first to break news on potential speculations, leaks, and Directs. We saw the mania in action this week when Gaming Intel made a claim that they had sources confirming that there would be a Nintendo Direct today, April 11th. Obviously, that intel was incorrect since it’s getting late and still no Direct.

Nintendo didn’t help quell the rumor when they released a new trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which showed a blurred out image of the “Stage Builder” mode. This mode, along with the fact that we are still waiting for information on the first DLC fighter, Joker of Persona 5, who is scheduled to release by the end of the month certainly added fuel to the train. These topics were thought to be part of the supposed Direct.

stage builder
Stage Builder mode blurred out in the recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer.

Right or wrong— the claim sparked plenty of discussion, debate, and speculation across the internet of what the Direct will contain. The train had been started, got to full steam, and has derailed…for now.

As of right now there is no Nintendo Direct officially announced. We’ll have to wait and see if one is imminent or if we’ll just need to sit tight until E3. It’s fun to speculate and join the conversation when these rumors pop up but it’s important to be respectful and… yes, take them with a grain of salt until things are official. Not just with Nintendo but with all the news and rumors we can expect to see in the coming months leading up to E3.


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